Luxe Inferno

Luxe Inferno is a philosophical quest for the true meaning of luxury. It has two parts which captures a mix of Yin and Yang of luxury. The first part is fiction and narrates a philosophical story of a luxe-o-holic through the nine circles of inferno of luxe, taking him to the Purgatory or may be the Paradiso. But whether he will be successful in his pursuit, I leave it to you, my discerning reader, to infer. The second part comprises commentary based on my research that spans over a decade. It explores the various facets of this dynamic subject of luxury classified into three segments – strategy, brands and perception. This is a very unique mix of fiction and non-fiction, or ‘faction’, exploring the depths of the inferno as well as the heights of dazzle.

In The Luxe Trilogy, all the books are separate reads and have their independent identities. The Trilogy comprises Decoding Luxe, Dark Luxe and Luxe Inferno. Decoding Luxe traces the history of evolution of luxury from the time of the Maharajas, giving a strategic perspective to the subject and a deeper understanding beyond the myopic concept of price tag-luxury. Dark Luxe, on the other hand, is an anthology of 13 short stories on luxury and crime, dealing with the darkness that hides behind the veil of luxury. It gives you a peek into the depths to which human minds can reach, luxury being a silent witness and sometimes accessory. The first book is a work of non-fiction and the second fiction. The third book, Luxe Inferno has a more philosophical approach towards this subject. It is a journey deep into the human mind and its labyrinths.

While each of these books hold their own and are independent reads, together they carve out a holistic story of luxe – stories, written as fiction, non-fiction and ‘faction’.

This story takes readers on a voyage to the heights of opulence as well as the depths of inferno. The idea also is to make luxury an academic discourse, therefore making it inclusive, instead of the exclusivity and myopia it has shrouded itself with.
Books on luxury have never moved beyond ‘price tags’ and thus have never done justice to the subject.

The Luxe Trilogy, thus in its own unique way, narrates a complete story of luxe.


Praise for the author and ‘The Luxe Trilogy’



“Wishing Mahul all the success in all that he endeavours.”

“I wish Mahul’s book all the success.”

KESHARI NATH TRIPATHI, Hon. Governor of West Bengal (Former)
“Let more writings come through the pen of Mahul.”

MAMATA BANERJEE, Hon Chief Minister of West Bengal
“You and your writings always have all my blessings Mahul.”

HARISH BHAT, Author, Brand Custodian of Tata Sons
“Congratulations and best wishes for your new book, Mahul!”

“The romance of luxury has waited long for such a deft rendition of insight and eloquence.”

SARNATH BANERJEE, Graphic Novelist, Author
“A quiet voice that will have a thundering impact. An essential read.”

ARNAB CHAKRABORTY, National Director, UN-Empretec Programme for India
“I love the way Mahul deconstructs the mystical world of luxury with his simple, direct, matter-of-fact lucid style of narration.