Young Achiever Award for Mahul Brahma

Well, a couple of months back when I interviewed this certain polarizing figure known as Mahul Brahma, I was kind of left aghast at all that this guy had accomplished till then, and honestly the question of ‘what is next for him’ was imminent to come to my mind.

And unsurprisingly enough, the question was answered just recently!

Mahul Brahma, Head-Corporate Communications and Branding in a Tata group company mjunction and at the same time riding on the back of his Cannes Film Festival experience, has received the “Young Achiever Award” in National Awards for Excellence in Corporate Communications.

Mahul has received this award in the individual category. The award is given for achievements of an individual in his professional field as a communicator and beyond.

Upon receiving the award all Mahul had to say was “God has been kind. I am humbled to receive this coveted award. I am thankful to the jury for selecting me as the ‘Young Achiever’ as this is a tricky category where they judge your achievements in the field of corporate communications and beyond.”

Mahul’s contribution as a communicator lies in giving excellent visibility to a B2B brand in media nationally as well as internationally.

In this “Young Achiever” category the jury also assessed other achievements of Mahul.

His debut film as an actor got selected and was screened at the 69th Cannes Film Festival, this year, where he was invited.

The film has also won Best Short Film Award at Boston’s Caleidoscope Film Festival 2016.

Mahul has also been a commentator and writer on luxury and his book on luxury will be launched next month titled “Decoding Luxe: Discovering facets of luxury”.

Recently, Qissaa held a chat session on his upcoming book and on his Cannes Film Festival experience.

He was interviewed by poet and author Baisali Chatterjee Dutt. Editors, Actors, Business Owners and more importantly book and cinema lovers attended the session.

Now, what’s intriguing about all of this is how this guy’s skill-set stretches as far and wide as that of a football field, theoretically speaking !
And out of every project or activity Mahul carries out, the probability of it turning out to be a runaway hit, shoots up by a notch.

To interact with this man and take a view at the professional aspects of life from his perspective is almost like a breath of fresh air, and more times than not – it opens up a wide array of ideas and plans in your had.

Truly inspirational indeed!



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