US-based Ivey Publishing to bring out mjunction case study

Kolkata: US-based Ivey Publishing, the apex body which publishes A-listed corporate case studies that are used by Ivy League institutes and premier b-schools, is all set to publish a case study on mjunction, a joint venture of SAIL and Tata Steel. which reportedly runs the world’s largest eMarketplace for steel.

The case study titled “mjunction: The Branding dilemma” has been jointly authored by Prof Sanjeev Tripathi, Associate Professor of IIM-Indore and Dr. Mahul Brahma, Head of CSR, Corporate Communications and Branding mjunction and author of The Luxe Trilogy.

The case explores the various facets of the presence of multi-brands and the dynamics between well-established sub-brands and the struggle of a mother brand. mjunction, which is now India’s largest B2B ecommerce company and a joint venture between Tata Steel and SAIL, was originally called metaljunction, faces a unique challenge wherein the age-old sub-brands enjoy a higher recall with customers than the mother brand “mjunction”.

The case explores mjunction’s dilemma while formulating its strategy for high growth.



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