Mahul’s interview by Indie Funda

Working as a journalist for quite a few years in the past, and working in the corporate world now, Mahul’s journey in the world of indie films began a year back when a friend of his called up saying that there was a perfect lead role for him to act on. He was nervous in the beginning but accepted the role eventually. His dedication and love towards cinema was immense. The short film in which he worked was called ELIXIR, a movie which got selected in the Cannes film festival this year and got screened there. Mahul shares his experience of walking on the red carpet for the first time. His love and dedication towards the indie film industry helped him in succeeding a great deal. Inspired by people like Satyajit Ray and Fedrico Fellini, he tries to improve on himself everytime he acts. Sheer dedication! Ain’t it? Well it is always important to follow your passion, as you never know when you can get the chance to truly cherish it. “Indie film is a global phenomena”, he says. Mahul’s quote to the indie funda camera states – “ Indie films are the present and the future of cinema”. And Indie Funda states that if dedicated and determined people like Mahul work in this film industry, then definitely Independent cinema is the Future. Let’s go indie! Indie funda!!
Under its Cinema for a Cause Initiative; Learning System presents MAHUL BRAHMA, an Indie Actor of ELIXIR CANNES Fame; in INDIE FUNDA!!!

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