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We live in such a time where pursuing one’s dreams and passions takes a back seat when it comes to living up to family and on a larger scale social expectations.

It’s even kind of hard to decipher how much talent gets wasted in such a quest for, orthodoxly speaking – success.

To Mahul Brahma though the key and the basic mantra to be followed in life is “to go ahead & never give up on your passion”.

No matter how hard it gets, no matter how many hurdles come in the way – you need to keep pushing ahead till you see yourself in the place you always dreamt of.

From being a senior editor at highly reputed publications like The Economic Times and the India partner of New York Times, and from being a columnist and commentator with ET on luxury brands to being the head of corporate communications and branding for mjunction (a joint venture between Tata Steel and SAIL), Mahul has come a long way in his road to success.

What makes this feat even more commendable is the fact that he has broken the chain of mainstream while doing so, which has been prevalent in the country for a long time now.

Behind all this corporate technicalities though, Mahul’s hidden talent came forth in the limelight recently. What at first felt a bit intimidating eventually ended up being a proverbial blockbuster debut for him in the field of acting. To which in his words made him feel “humbled and excited” after the phone call he received, asking for him to play the lead role in Director Anirban Guha’s short film – Elixir.

The film explores the genre of magic realism and revolves around a woman who tries to deal with her dual life after drinking elixir.

Elixir had been selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner held in May, Mahul feels “privileged and honoured to have witnessed the screening of my debut film at the Mecca of films amongst innumerable stars and who’s who of the film industry worldwide”.

Being the super polite man he is, he takes some time to add that “God has been kind” in showering him with everything that has come his way.

In Mahul’s eyes, the entire Cannes experience has been overwhelming, especially how every aspect of a film got a dedicated area all to itself. He also states that the experience over there has been “an immense learning curve, which will come of help in future projects”.

Speaking of which, he has recently written his own book ‘Decoding Luxe: Discovering Facets of Luxury’ the nationwide launch for which is tentatively due next month!

The book in his words has been “long overdue” in the sense that there hasn’t been any such publication which provides a “holistic look on luxury brands in our national market”.

The excitement can be heard in his voice while talking about the same, which has also been credited and acclaimed by renowned industrialists, authors and editors alike!

So, what’s next for one of Calcutta’s most impressive exports?

“I have a few film project lined up” says he, and well he does deserve every moment in the spotlight!

We on behalf of What’s Up Life would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Brahma for sharing some words with us (here’s a thank you from me personally too!). It was amazing talking to you.



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