Cannes Calling for Mahul: Telegraph t2

Calcutta boy Mahul Brahma (in picture), a communications man, is off to Cannes for Elixir, a short film starring him that will be screened at the film festival on May 18, 19 and 20 in the ‘Short Films Corner’ section.

Elixir, playing out over 35 minutes and directed by Delhi-based banker Anirban Guha, focuses on a frustrated wife (played by Daminee Benny Basu) who, trying to cope with a failed marriage, yearns for a “parallel reality”. The “Elixir” helps her drift into a dream world with a fantasy lover (Mahul’s Akash). She ends up in a mental asylum and is offered a final choice… another drink of Elixir.

While Anirban pegs the Cannes call as “a dream come true”, for Mahul, who makes his acting debut with Elixir, watching the film at Cannes will be “an amazing experience”. For Daminee, this is Cannes calling 2.0. “The first was with Sreemoyee’s (Bhattacharya) Veil (in 2015). And I’m feeling good. The best thing about the film (Elixir) is that you don’t know till the end what is reality and which is the truth,” said Daminee. All the best, guys!



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