Cannes call for Bengali short films: PTI

Director Anirban Guha's "Elixir" has been selected for Cannes Short Film Corner to be held from May 11 to 22, one of the six Bengali shorts making the cut to the prestigious film festival.

With an interesting star cast including unconventional actor Daminee Benny Basu, "Elixir" talks about a mind-journey.

"I am humbled that it got selected by Cannes jury.

Watching our movie screened at Cannes will be an amazing experience," Guha, a Delhi-based banker, told PTI.

The film's male lead (Akash) is debutant actor Mahul Brahma, a corporate communicator in his professional life.

The editing has been done by FTII alumni and National Award winning editor (2008) Sreya Chatterjee.

As the story goes, the female lead (Daminee) has a dual life after having drunk the Elixir.

The other selected short films are Abhiroop Basu's "Afternoon with Julia', Aniket Chattopadhyay's Saubala, Lubdhak Chatterjee's "In a Free State", Charles Kinnane's "Generation Hope" and Moumita Mondal's "Adieu".

Among the other works, Moumita's "Adieu" looks at a hospital ward through the eyes of a young boy who is admitted there, while Charles' "Generation Hope" has been made in Bengali, Creole and English languages as per the demands of the locations.





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