How to Communicate Strategically in Corporate World

From leadership, crisis, change, and challenges to playing a strategic role in driving organisational growth, stratcomms or strategic communication has become the key element in management across all industries. This book is a manual for every corporate leader, communications leader, brand custodian, PR professional, in understanding the various facets of strategic communication. It is a bible for CXOs to master the art of strategic communication and storytelling to effectively lead an organisation, people and handle media. The foreword is penned by Dr Bibek Debroy, Chairman of Economic Advisory Coucil to the Prime Minister. The book contains the elixir of Dr Brahma's two decades' experience as a senior editor and communicator.


Praise for the author and ‘How to Communicate Strategically in Corporate World’

Amitabh Bachchan
“Wishing Mahul all the success in all that he endeavours.”

Ratan N. Tata
“I wish Mahul’s book all the success.”

Bibek Debroy, Chairman, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council
“If there is one person who is eminently qualified to write about luxury, it is Mahul.”

Keshari Nath Tripathi, Hon. Governor of West Bengal (Former)
“Let more writings come through the pen of Mahul.”

Harish Bhat, Author, Brand Custodian of Tata Sons
“Congratulations and best wishes for your new book, Mahul!”

Kunal Basu, Author
“The romance of luxury has waited long for such a deft rendition of insight and eloquence.”

Sarnath Banerjee, Graphic Novelist, Author
“A quiet voice that will have a thundering impact. An essential read.”

Arnab Chakraborty, National Director, UN-Empretec Programme for India
“I love the way Mahul deconstructs the mystical world of luxury with his simple, direct, matter-of-fact lucid style of narration.”