Ego is just a reflected centre, not the real centre, Osho says. When a child is born, he is simply aware of the mother and what she thinks about him. If she smiles and says, “You are so beautiful” and kisses him, the child feels good about himself and ego is born. It is not what you really are, it is what you perceive that other’s think you are.

The ego is never satisfied, it wants to be unique — even if you think you are humble, you want to be called the most humble individual, which may be an irony, but it is reality. And marketing gurus use your ego, tantalise it, challenge it and make you spend obscene amounts for something that you don’t even need. But let’s not criticise these people, they are just doing their job.

Now, people who think they are smart enough not to fall into this trap, think again. Would your iPod, iPhone or iPad be the same without the ‘i’? The possessiveness and ownership that the letter ‘i’ gives to your gadget can’t be duplicated, no fancy name in the galaxy can give the same gratification. The gadget is a part of yourself; the ‘i’ makes all the difference.

It would be criminal to say that the gadgets that Steve Jobs designed aren’t a class apart. They are brilliant and, of course, would have got a similar appreciation from users across the world. But would the fan following be this crazy without an ‘i’ — say your gadget was just named Phone4S or Pod or Pad2? Small wonder that Apple’s gadgets without an ‘i’ did not make a mark in the hearts of Jobs’ fans.

I have to differ with the bard and say a ‘rose’ may not smell or look differently if it is called something else, say an ‘apple’, but it surely not be as charismatic as it is now. I salute Jobs for his genius. He only could have thought of such a brilliant strategy. Just a simple letter ‘i’ made all the difference. Imagine.

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