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Decoding Luxe – The New Mantra for Luxury Brands: Air Vistara Magazine

The origin of luxury dates back to mid-16th Century in the French word Luxe, which means dazzle. The award-winning communicator, columnist and luxury commentator, Mahul Brahma's new book will compel you to look beyond this veil of dazzle. Decoding Luxe gives you a holistic view of the country's love for branded luxury since ages...  …
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Mahul Brahma’s book Decoding Luxe: Air India Magazine Shubh Yatra

Luxury is a segment that has received much attention over the years, and this book looks at various aspects of what was a niche segment not so long ago. As a guide to strategic, behavioural, historical, psychological and other facets of luxury, it serves as a bible for all stakeholders of luxury, aiding the formulation…
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Former journalist Mahul Brahma launches his book: Bartman

Former journalist Mahul Brahma launched his book Decoding Luxe recently at Starmark. The book narrates the story of the origin of luxury in India. In the 1920s, 20 per cent of Rolls Royce's global sales were from India. In 1926, the Maharaja of Patiala commissioned Cartier, its largest till date, to remodel his crown jewels,…
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